Monday, April 23, 2007

It's 88 degrees!

Wow! I'm so excited! I woke this morning and checked the forecast for the day and it said "High 90* ! After flooding rains here in New England last week it is most welcome (at least to me it is!) Thankfully we didn't have any flooding, just rain, rain , and more rain. I imaging there are those of you that wish it would come your way, but I am happy for some sunshine!

Yesterday after church we drove to the coast and walked a rocky beach. You could tell there had been a strong storm as we walked along. We saw some small ray's, starfish, and various types of other fish dead along the beach. There was a lot of debris (rubber gloves, cloth gloves, shoes, crab traps, and hats to name a few), a lot of wood; some drift wood, there pieces were board from fence and such that had been destroyed in the storm surge along the coast. It was about 15-20*cooler along the coast than where we live (about 25 miles in land). The sound of the waves crashing along the shore then "pulling" the rocks and pebbles towards the ocean was so soothing.
My husband picked up this hat and put it on and called my attention to him. As I brought the camera up to snap a photo he whipped it off his head! I convinced him to let me take the picture, he is so good natured and we were enjoying the day immensely. So then our son wanted his picture taken in the hat, then it was my turn.

They look OK in the hat, but I make it look good!

We had so much fun and I got some really good still life pictures while we were there.