Monday, May 19, 2008

Blessings and Sunsets!

My friend blessed us with a Gift Certificate for "Dinner for Two" at the Texas Roadhouse. I had a headache that was not going away today, so after a trip to the chiropractor we put the address into the GPS and this is what the three of us had for aonly a little more that the price of fast food. Very Yummy!
On the way home the sunset was stunning! I had a hard time getting a picture going down the highway at 70mph through a dirty windsheild. (I was not driving.) This was the best shot I got. Enjoy!

Spring in New England

As I have been out driving around the past couple of weeks, I have been really noticing the new growth on the various trees in New England. I think the spring is almost as colorful as the fall. I took this picture looking out my door. Beautiful!

Boys Being Boys!

The boys have a big hole dug up in the hill in the back yard. It keeps them busy and out of trouble on these great spring days.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Today we went to a presentation by a woman who lived as a missionary kid most of her youth. As a teenage girl her family lived in Kazakhstan. She spent 9-11th grades there. In her 10 grade year she focused on learning Kazakh so she could attend local schools as she wanted some friends. She would spend 5 hours or more a day learning the language. It is a very melodic and beautiful language.

Above you see a Dombra, an ornate tapestry, a head covering that matches the blazer of her native formal wear, and a blue head covering from Afghanistan (I do not remember what it is called, I will try to look it up), a vest, and a staple food that is a fry bread similar to donuts.

Here she is demonstration the head covering she would wear when she was in public while serving herself in Afghanistan.
Next you see our son playing the Dombura.

It was really interesting listening to her share about what is was like living in Kazakhstan. I'm guessing our son would say the best part was the bread (we got to eat it) but he did enjoy playing the Dombra too!

This is the Kazakhstan Flag.
The Kazakhstan flag has sky blue background. In the middle of the flag there is a golden sun with thirty two rays and this sun is placed over an golden eagle. On the hoisting side of the flag there is a golden ornamentation. The ratio of the flag 's width to its length is 1:2. This national flag was adopted first on 4 th June 1994. The sky color signifies several Turkic people and also indicates the sky god. The ornamentation stands for the cultural heritage of old Kazakhstan while the eagle indicates to the golden rule of Genghis Khan empire in Kazakhstan.

Spring Visitors

We watched this Wild Turkey walk from across the street and through our yard to the wooded area behind our house. It was pretty cool as she? walked very close tothe house.
This is a flower from one of the bushed in our back yard.

Monday, May 5, 2008

We Were Blessed this Weekend!

I gave our boys their first trampoline for Christmas in 1995. We have had 3 of them. The mat wore our on the first one. The frame on the second one was warped in a wind storm when it flew 50 feet up in the air and about 100 yards away. It lasted for a couple more years, but the stress was increased on one of the leg joints and the metal tore over time. We sold our third one in April 2004 right before we moved to Seoul, South Korea. We told our son we would get another one when we moved back to the United States. We came to Massachusetts in July 2006, but could not have one on the base. After Willy retired from the Air Force last fall we have not had the extra funds to splurge on one.
Saturday we received this trampoline for free through our local Craig's List! It was raining so we put it in the garage. Today our son was recovering from a stomach virus, but asked if we would put it up so he could play on it tomorrow when he was feeling better. He went out with his pillow and laid on it for a little while. Hopefully he will be back to his normal active self in the morning!

Dogwood maybe?

Absolutely Stunning!

Many Views of Massacheusetts

Cranberry Bog
I know there is a name for this rainbow, but I can't think of it.
Tulip in my front yard.
Turkey in my side yard.

Carpenter Bees

This thing is about the size of a quarter!

80* Weather-1st Beach Day!