Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feeding Station Activity

It has been rainy this afternoon. The birds have been really active at my feeding station. This House Finch sat pretty for a portrait.
This Juvenile Downy Woodpecker was fun to watch.
This male Cardinal always eats from the far side of the feeder.

Petunias in the Rain

Baltimore Oriole and A Bug

The other day I saw 3 Baltimore Orioles flying around my neighborhood. This is the first time I have ever seen any, so I was pretty excited. They did not pose very long for me to get any nice portraits of them. This is amount the best.
So I decided to try to lure them to my feeding station. I did not get the Orioles, but this lady bug sure seemed to like the treat! I love the contrast of this photo.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Street Sweeper Blues

I looked out my front window this morning to the following scene. What's wrong with this picture? Isn't the street supposed to be cleaner behind the Street Sweeper than in front of the Street Sweeper?
This next one is after the dump truck came and he emptied his bucket.
Still making messes.
Our son went out to investigate. The man explained to him, "When the dirt builds up inside it starts to throw stuff out onto the street. The sweeper driver calls for help to clear the built up stuff out. They reversed the conveyor belt to throw it out. They have to spread the dirt out. And then go over it several times to pick it back up." [quote from our son]
Pretty cool stuff!
Real life learning is the best!
Our son will remember what he learned much longer than what we read in a book.
Although I will probably look for something at the library to enhance what he learned if he seems interested.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Spring is Beautiful

Blooms on a tree in our neighborhood.
My Crown of Thorns in bloom.
Mockingbird in my yard, sounds so beautiful.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Palm Tree

I ocasionally check my local Craig's list to see what people are giving away or selling. Our oldest son got his job at FedEx Ground from a posting on Craigs List. Yesterday I saw a listing for a 7-8 foor palm tree being given away. I sent off a relpy thinking it would probably already be gone as the listing was several hours old. Imagine my delight when I recieved a message that it was still available and I could come right over. So I am the deilghted new owner of an 8 foot palm tree that out grew its' previous home!

Dinner and a Drive

Warren's is a Lobster House in Maine on Rt 1. They have been in business since the 1940's I believe. There is a display case of various old menus. It was really cool to look at. When they first opened as a dine in restaurant a 1 pound Lobster dinner was a mere $1.75! I had claws and ribs, the claws were great! As it happens (again) I forgot to take a picture of dinner. I definitely recommend this place. The atmosphere was comfortable, the food good, and as the sign says, "The Seacoasts Finest Salad Bar!" My friend treated me to this dinner, so "Thank you."
This is the draw bridge crosing the bay into Maine on Rt 1 from the New Hampshire side at dusk. After dinner we drove along the New Hampshire side of the cost looking at some of the architecture. It was a beautiful evening. The Lobster house we went to is on the far edge of this bridge.

Weekend Fun

Our son LOVES it when Daddy plays with him!
Slip-N-Slide fun with friends!

Did you ever notice...

...how intricate a Dandelion is made?
...how deep purple a Lilac can be?

Spring Blooms!