Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Spring Weather

It was so nice here this week that we spent the better part of each day on the deck. It was too nice to be inside. Rain is coming sometime and we can do inside stuff then!
This week the city is flushing the fire hydrants.
What fun for two boys! ...........This............
Led to this........after they shut the hydrant off and it was no longer deep enough to just scoop up
..............which led to this...............!
They did get muddy, and they had great fun.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Hiking at The Great Meadow

We met another homeschool family for a nature hike today at The Great Meadows. It was a great spring day and my son and I really enjoyed it!
Here is a bug we saw, there were actually many of them. They were flying low to the ground. They looked like a cross between a bee and a fly.
Here is one of the ground burrows they were protecting.
A cool mound that reminds me of a Fry Guy from Micky D's He just needs eyes and skinney legs with striped socks!
A close up of the moss.
Beautiful Spring Skies!
A Mallard pair. (Yes, there is a female in there.)
I shall conquer!
Now I know where the idea for TREANTS came from!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unexpected Nice Weather

Saturday is was forecast for cloudy and an 80% chance of rain.
We did get a thunderstorm later in the afternoon, but it was sandwiched between 70 and sun!
I love riding in the car with the windows down and not being cold!

Summer Preparations

These Jiffy Pots are so cool. They come as hard little wafers, just add warm water and VIOLA! They grow to little pot size in about 5 minutes. You can literally see them grow.
Next add these.......
Then you get this.....
These are next, but some of them will be sown right into the ground or pots they will be in all summer.

Bleeding Hearts

I got these Bleeding Hearts the day before Easter. I just got them into pots today. They were growing and blooming while still in the plastic bag I purchased them in.

Grilled Dinner!

This just looks so good! Especially the grilled onions and peppers. I eagerly await the Vidella Onions, They are the best!

The Dogs are Ready for Summer

Well, we got the pups bathed and shaved. It was long over due. Millie looks more like a lab then a golden retriever. And Koda looks scrawny. But now they are clean and unmatted.

Zip Line

I have never seen, or even heard of this before last week. We were headed down to Cape Cod for our church women's retreat and my friend told me this big truck-thing, it really looks like a locomotive engine, travels sideways and moves the brick wall. It is the divider for the carpool lane on the south end of Boston on I 93. They move it depending on the time of day for north or south. I thought it was pretty cool! I hope my son gets to see it some time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

There's a Story in that Old Tree

This ancient tree succumb to gravity this winter. It has a bit of character to it. I turned around and went back to get these photographs of it. I imagine a day long ago when there was a rope hanging from one of its' larger limbs. Perhaps there was a wooden disc with a hole in the center for the rope to go through, then knotted at the end. The boys and girls raced to the tree after school and on Saturday mornings after chores. They would take turns on the wooden disc, pushing each other higher and higher. Some of the children climbed through the maze of branches as they awaited their turn on the wooden disc. And the Tree seemed to sigh with contentment at the exuberance of the children as they played in its' branches.

More Signs of Spring

We moved into our house at the end of August last year. I was so excited to see 4 clusters of tulips in the front of the house.