Monday, May 19, 2008

Blessings and Sunsets!

My friend blessed us with a Gift Certificate for "Dinner for Two" at the Texas Roadhouse. I had a headache that was not going away today, so after a trip to the chiropractor we put the address into the GPS and this is what the three of us had for aonly a little more that the price of fast food. Very Yummy!
On the way home the sunset was stunning! I had a hard time getting a picture going down the highway at 70mph through a dirty windsheild. (I was not driving.) This was the best shot I got. Enjoy!


Michele said...

Beautiful pictures! The food looks yummy!

momma24 said...

That food looks so good, I can almost smell it!

Now, I am hungry!

Leslie said...

Yum!! Texas Roadhouse is one of our favorite places to go.