Monday, May 5, 2008

We Were Blessed this Weekend!

I gave our boys their first trampoline for Christmas in 1995. We have had 3 of them. The mat wore our on the first one. The frame on the second one was warped in a wind storm when it flew 50 feet up in the air and about 100 yards away. It lasted for a couple more years, but the stress was increased on one of the leg joints and the metal tore over time. We sold our third one in April 2004 right before we moved to Seoul, South Korea. We told our son we would get another one when we moved back to the United States. We came to Massachusetts in July 2006, but could not have one on the base. After Willy retired from the Air Force last fall we have not had the extra funds to splurge on one.
Saturday we received this trampoline for free through our local Craig's List! It was raining so we put it in the garage. Today our son was recovering from a stomach virus, but asked if we would put it up so he could play on it tomorrow when he was feeling better. He went out with his pillow and laid on it for a little while. Hopefully he will be back to his normal active self in the morning!

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Jenny said...

What a sweet picture. Makes me want a trampoline for my kiddos.