Friday, July 4, 2008

Today We Celebrate our Independance

And the Rockets Red Glare...
The Bombs Bursting in Air... Gave Proof Through the Night...
That Our Flag Was Still There...

We didn't go anywhere to see fireworks tonight, but a few people in the neighborhood were having some fine displays. We walked to the corner to get a better view. The displays were from two opposing vantage points and only lasted 10 or 15 minutes altogether.

When we were living in Korea we had the opportunity, on Halloween, to go see a fabulous 1 1/2 hour firework display. What I noticed after the evening was over is that while they were beautiful, they did not evoke the emotion I usually experience when watching fireworks on the Fourth of July.

So tonight I am thankful for our Independence and when I see the fireworks I am reminded of the sacrifices made by so many men 230 years ago so we could be free today.




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