Saturday, August 2, 2008

New England Aquarium Continued

They have a great touch tank at the NEA. The kids can pick up the animals as long as they don't take them out of the water and are gentle. My niece, nephews and son really enjoyed it.
Here are the three of them looking and deciding what to touch. "Touch it with me..." My niece wanted to touch the Horseshoe Crab, but didn't have quite enough courage to do it alone. Her big brother was great and obliged without even a hint of giving her a hard time!
Here is the 3 year old nephew. He was having a great time too!
Here are, from back to front, my niece's, nephew's and son's hands exploring. This is a moment in time recording I believe the first time my son has touched, but definitely picked up any water animal.

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Jives said...

What a wonderful series of posts about the hands-on education kids get when they explore the New England Aquarium!

It was great to see, and I will link it everywhere I can so other teachers, parents and educators can see it.

This is exactly what Aquarium educators like to see, and they provide materials and curriculum as well to help teachers harness hands-on learning opportunities.