Saturday, August 2, 2008

New England Aquarium Final Episode

The NEA had Sharks and Rays. We could actually touch them. We were instructed to place our hand in the water palm down and wait for the Sharks and Rays to swim to us. Then we could touch them behind the eyes as they swim past. The Rays really seemed to like being touched as they frequently came to hands in the water. My niece was loving touching the Rays. My son and older nephew touched the Rays but weren't as into it as my niece. I didn't like the feel of them. The sharks weren't swimming around, they were sort of in a pile near the edge of the tank. I believe each of them were able to get near to touch them.This is my niece touching a Ray.
Here was a Jelly Fish. I loved trying to get a good picture of them.
It was a great trip to the aquarium!

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