Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
The Lord Jesus is Risen!

Our son wanted a Webkinz so he got this Dalmatian pup.
The water bottles are for our son and my husband. I got one of these for the missions trip I went on in Costa Rica last summer and I have been wanting to get these for them. They are Camelbak brand and very nice and sturdy. I got some strawberry plants, a rhubarb plant, and a Bleeding Heart plant (so noone felt bad that I didn't get anything.)
This is the traditional Easter Breakfast I have had for as long as I can remember. Everybody loves this stuff...except my husband! He is the ONLY person I have made this for, ever, that did not like it. It is a medium white sauce with the whites of the hard boiled eggs chopped up and mixed into the white sauce. The yolks are finely chopped or pushed through a sieve and served over toast with salt and pepper to taste.
Goldenrod Eggs

This is what I spent my afternoon doing. My dear friend blessed me last December with the supplies to make a few baskets and I finally just sat down and made this one. I don't know what I've been waiting around for. I really do love to see a pile of sticks turn into...


This is my own design as I didn't have a pattern to use a swing handle (that is what I had). I made a "cats head" basket to round basket. I kind of guessed on the size of the spokes for the basket, it was nearly prefect.

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Amy said...

What a great basket! I am NOT creative. I wish I were!