Monday, March 3, 2008

What Am I Here For?

I have been absent from posting lately. I really wanted to write more on this blog about things of a more contemplative nature. Then I started on the Project 365 where the goal is to post a photo a day for a year. I love posting the photo's because photography is one of my passions, so I take many, many photos naturally and I like having a place to share a great photo.

I have needed to re-evaluate some of the time I spend "surfing the 'net" because it seems to be eating up a lot of my time. So I took a step back to see what I am doing. I find I miss posting my photos. Yet I still long to learn how to share what is in my heart, where God has brought me in my faith walk, the things I am learning about life....

So, I am going to continue to post my picture of the day (most days) and try to add some inspiring thoughts here and there, without getting "lost in space"!

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