Thursday, February 28, 2008

Improv at the Library

Did I mention we love our library? Our son just completed a 4 week Drama class focusing on Improv. Today we parents got a mini show of what they learned. The instructor said the class was the most "enthusiastic " class she has had! And assured us several times that that is a good thing!
In this first photo they were doing an improv family portrait.
They lined up and were to quickly improv and freeze the family the instructor called out.
Meet the Zombie Family.
In this 2nd photo there were actually 8 actors, but I have cropped out the faces to protect the inocent!
This was another portrait. They build the picture one actor at a time.
The instructor called each actor to the "stage".
As she called each one up they said what they were,
then froze in a position depicting what they were.
It started with a dog. Then a dog house was added. Next was the dirt. Then our son.
He was a chicken, can you see the resemblance?
After the chicken was the chicken killer (AKA the butcher)
I guess our son was going to be the dog food!
I have forgotten what 2 of the actors claimed to be. Then was the bus driver.
We titled the portrait
"The Wacky Mobile"
Our son had a great time learning about improv durring this 4 week program!
I use Picnik free online photo editing to crop, water mark, and resize before posting to my blog. Today when I went to the site they have changed things and I have free access to more freatures. I like the chicken! (Both of them!)

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