Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Korean First Birthday Party

In Korea, the One Month Birthday, and the One Year Birthday are big celebrations. While we were there we were invited to our friends daughter's One Year Birthday. It was an extravagant event. The first photo is what I ate, sushie and all. It was fresh and not bad actually. The second photo was a sampling of all the fare available. It was quite the spread in buffet style.

Our friends daughter chose the Pencil from the Birthday Table Ceremony. Follow the link to find out more!
(P.S. I didn't take any pictures today, which is highly unusual for me. I had even planned the shot I wanted to post, but the shot didn't take place. Maybe next month. So todays pictures are ones I took in Febuary 2004.)

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Debbie said...

Christy, we have two children adopted from Korea and did the First Birthday Celebration for both. They wore the cutest Hanboks. Both of my kids chose the money. It is a wonderful time of celebration.

How fun!