Monday, February 18, 2008

Wet Weather

This is what we woke to this morning and it was somewhat pretty.
Then it started to rain.
And it warmed up.
Rain, snow and 50+ degrees do not mix well.

We just reciently purchased a Wet/Dry Vac for the water that was seeping into the basement in small amounts the other day. Today there was 8-10 inches of water standing next to the house, and beginning to more than seep into the basement. So we went and rented a submersable pump as the rain and snow was forming two "rivers" directly down the hill to the foundation of the house and under the deck. It is reletively standing water free now. Hopefully it won't rain much more tonight. We are supposed to only get into the low-mid 30's the rest of the week, so it should all refreeze at night. I think we are safe for a little while.

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