Saturday, February 9, 2008

Look what a difference 2 hours can make!

Most of my family and friends know I don't like to be cold. I love the first snowfall of the year, then I'm good...come on SPRING...wait, make that SUMMER! But, I do love the way tonights snowfall looks. It is just beautiful! These are a couple shots of my makeshift bird feeders on my deck. I took the first photo about 2 hours before the second photo.
It piles on the branches so fluffly and light.
At night is the only time you can really see my bird feeder "poles" because there are trees in the background about 30 -40 feet away. I love watching the birds, but there was no place to hang my feeders nearby and still be able to see them out my windows as this is a split level and the deck is on the upper floor.
So I took the post I had and "bungie straped" it to the deck. Then I added the arm from a wall mount hanger to a missing hook holder. It seemed to work alrignt, but the birds didn't really feel safe. So they would dart, grab a seed, and zoom off.
A couple of days latter we had some wind and a branch blew off one of the trees and landed in our yard. I saw it laying there and thought it might work to add to the feeder station to give the birds a place to perch. But it was so much work getting all that stuff strapped to the deck and hung up that I didn't want to take it all down to add the branch in. I knew my husband could probably just slide it into the bungie, but I thought he would laugh at me if I asked him to try to do it.
The next day my husband was looking out the window and saw the branch lying on the ground and said, "I bet that branch would go in with the feeders and give the birds a place to land." And he went outside and did just that. He is so great!
The birds flock to our feeders. One day I counted 9 different types of birds at the feeder at the same time. We all enjoy standing at the glass door watching the birds!

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