Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a COOL Kid!

January 26, 1991 at 11:46 pm my third son was born.
Today he is nearly 6 feet tall!
He is such a joy to this mom's heart and soul!
He has always been so easy going and cheerful.
In my minds eye I can still see his smiling face each morning as he awoke.
He would sit up in bed and look at you and grin from ear to ear.
As the baby for 7 years, he also learned how to fend for himself.
I remember standing on the porch one bight sunny day.
I looked towards the pasture where the 3 boys were playing.
The oldest was lying on his back.
And Richie picked up a huge rock.
Or maybe it was a small boulder!
And he walked up to his bother,
Who was still lying on his back,
Stood over his head,
And dropped the bomb!
I was dumbfounded!
I never did figure out why.
He was 3 or 4 at the time.
I believe his brother still carries the scar.
But each morning he greeted me with that beautiful smile!
I love you Richie!
Happy 17th Birthday!
(OK this picture is from June 2006. He didn't like the one I have from December. This was the first time I saw him and the 2 older brothers in 2 years. I had just returned from our assignment in Korea. Oh Happy Day!)


Kristine said...

Happy Birthday, Richie!!

Christy, I didn't realize YOU were AF too. That must have been a really hard time for your family.

Christy said...

"I had just returned from our assignment in Korea." If this was misleading I apologize, I say "our assignment" because I don't feel military assignments are just the active duty spouses assignment, it is the whole families assignment. Dh, myself, and 10yo ds went to Seoul for 2 years, the older three boys opted to stay in USA with their dad. And God gave me a "Great Grace" when it came to leaving the older boys who were 13,17,19 at the time.