Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lego Fun

Our son received this Pirates of the Caribbean ship for Christmas from his Grandpa Bill. He plays with it a lot. Notice the Darth Vader on board. When I mentioned it to him he just said, "Yep!" with a smile. OK, whatever floats your boat!
Here is one of son's creations.
Our oldest son is 22 years old, so we have been "collecting" Lego's for about 18 years. The collection is quite large and fills 3 of the 4 blue bins in the post below. The forth bin, I'm almost ashamed to admit, is all Bionicle's. But my son spends many hours entertained with them!


Kristine said...

Christy, I've seen your blog on the webring before (and commented!). I'm glad to see your intro on the SHS list!

My ds is 9 and loves his Legos--and Bionicles. I know he'd put Darth on a pirate ship too, lol. (And we have a black cat named Vader.)

Chris said...

My 9 and 6 year olds would love that! They love legos and anything they can build. It keeps them busy for hours so I love legos too.

Berry Patch said...

I have three boys so I completely understand the Lego thing! :-) My oldest (11) is in to Bionocles & his younger sibs (6 & 4) are fast catching up to the obsession.

Jodi said...

Cool! My 3 boys and 1 girl love legos too.