Friday, January 11, 2008

New England Steeples

This is the new library in the New England town I live in. I don't think a steeple was necessary, but adds to the aesthetic appeal of the building and keeps in line with the traditional look and feel of New England. As I approached the building this evening it was raining and misty. I was barely able to see it even though it was light up. When I left about 45 minutes later the rain had stopped. I took this picture of it with the on the manual Av setting on my camera with an F-stop of 7.1 (slowed the shutter speed.) I didn't have a tripod or anything to rest the camera on, but I am pleased with the overall outcome of the shot. It was fully dark to the eye.

This is a church in the town center. It is half a block away from the library. I took this picture on the same settings as the library. I like how the tail lights from the cars and in the shots. This is the first time I have gotten shots like these.

I am enjoying the challenge of being on purpose in trying new types of shots.


Kristine said...

I agree, it looks like a much older building, reminds me of the Carnegie library we had in Littleton, CO.

Lovely photos. I need to practice with different settings on my new camera, and your pics are inspiring!

Berry Patch said...

Great job getting these shots. I don't think this technique will work at night - maybe though - it's called panning. You actually move your camera with the object you want to take a photo of that is moving. I know you were doing a still shot of the church, but wanted to share. I do love the lights in that shot though!