Monday, January 7, 2008

My Beloved Rat Dog!

This is Koda. He is my Korean Yorkshire Terrier (I think he is actually a Silkie, but they sold him as Yorkie). Anyways, notice the lovely cardboard behind him against the sliding glass doors? Well, while my husband was laid up on the couch with some pretty severe back pain last month, he tasked our son with the chore of cutting and decorating some cardboard (do you like his idea of decorating?) to block Koda's view of the deck beyond. "Why?" You might ask. (I am certain I did not get the punctuation correct in that sentence...where did I put Ruth Beacheck's book anyway?) Well my bird and squirrel feeders are hanging outside that door. And Koda thinks his job is to bark at them, constantly! So we figured about two feet high would do the trick. Not so! That is why you see the taller box pinned between his kennel and the door. He is not as dumb of a dog as I thought he was though. He will back up so he can see out. He stands on his "tippy toes" and can just barely see over top of the lower one, and if the critter in question is in perfect spot he can see it. Today my husband and I saw him "bounce" on his tippy toes. I hope to catch that one on video! So, while the box barriers do help keep it a bit quieter (the barking is down to from all the time to about 70% of the time) I was thinking today we may have to just black out the doors! But then I wouldn't be able to see all the beautiful birds I get at my feeders! What to do? If only I had as much time to figure out how to keep him from seeing the squirrels as he has time to figure out how to see them it might help. But maybe not, as I always say, "He is my defective dog. I got him in Korea, the land of the 'not quite right!" (For thoes of you that don't know the previous comment is only because as we went about Korea when they would try to do "American" things, it often came out "not quite right" and end ed up being funny.)

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