Sunday, January 20, 2008

What We Saw Today

We saw 4 White Tail Deer getting ready to cross the road on our way home from church today. It was very cool for us as we really miss seeing wildlife. We live in a north of Boston town and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of undeveloped land around here. This is only the second time in one and a half years living here to see deer in Massachusetts. The first time was December 30, but it was too dark to get anything but eye shine in the photos.
I really had to zoom all the way in to get this of the big buck with them. I am shocked it came out so well.
This is the buck and a doe taking off after standing there staring at us for several minutes. One of the does did cross the road and the other 3 deer turned back, but appeared to want to cross, but were spooked by the traffic.


Berry Patch said...

Great photos! Getting photos of deer are tough. We have a herd that hangs out around here a lot, but they are still very skittish. Any little noise will spook them. I've yet to get a good photo of them at all & we've lived here going on four years now. It is fun to watch them though!

Kristine said...

We saw deer in our yard yesterday for the first time since moving last summer. We've seen them around frequently, though, and I wait for the day that I end up hitting one. Ugh.

We have good friends from Colorado Springs who just moved to Framingham? (wherever TJX/TJMaxx HQ is) a few weeks ago.