Monday, January 21, 2008

Moon Shadow's, fires, and more!

It was very cold here this morning, about 8* F. when I got up. We have a fire place, but very little wood to burn. You see, we moved here at the end of August and getting fire wood was low on our list of priorities. So I like to "ration" my fires! Today I decided it was cold enough to burn a fire. And first thing I took my photo for today.

This fire kept the upper level of our split level nice and toasty today without having to turn up the heat!

But then something else happened that was photo worthy. I asked my dear husband if he would clean our son's room for me (he is much better at weeding out the trash than I am~ya never know if that little piece is something important) and he said yes! It looks beautiful! And it should stay that way for at least a couple of days!

But then we decided to play Sorry. I used to get board with this game, but the other night I was reviewing the rules because we had not played in quite a long time and I noticed they have rules for adults. These rule are so much more fun and out 10 year old one one round tonight!

This next photo I am really excited about! It is a Moon Shadow! I figured out how to go completely manual with my camera. It isn't the best, but it is really cold out there tonight and I just can not stay out there long enough to get it completely figured out. I can't wait to practice some more!


momma24 said...

That is so cool! Great picture.

Kristine said...

I really like your moon shadow pic too. I am learning to play a little with my camera--which, at this point, means choosing portrait or scenery instead of AUTO. LOL